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In cooperation with internationally prestigious asset management companies, Metis HK has a comprehensive menu of choices. All assets have their own features, categories, and risk levels. You choose your own assets and set up your own portfolio according to your own assets objectives and risk tolerance. Please refer to the International Asset Selection for the asset information.

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Characteristic of Gold

Gold is tradable commodities with high economic value and are considered to be rare. It is often recognized as safe investments during times of uncertainty and turmoil, providing an alternative for investing in other financial instruments.
Owing to its rarity and involvement in the industrial process, it is the most recognized commodities with high investment value.

Why purchase Physical Gold?

There are various ways to diversify your asset. When you decide which asset to allocate, you need to know their characteristics and why they may be suitable for you.
Due to its unique characteristics, more and more people especially high-net-worth individuals are allocating their investment into physical gold. Gold's purchasing power has remained stable over the years even its supply is relatively finite.
Aside from its high liquidity, gold is also rare, useful in industry, a hedge against inflation, a store of wealth and always has intrinsic value.

How to use Metis HK’s trust plan to purchase Physical Gold?

Intelligence – start a regular contribution plan to accumulate Gold gradually in the long run.
Bright – start a single contribution plan to purchase physical Gold at once for future planning.  

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