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We are proud to receive the“Excellence Award of Trustee Service” granted by Bloomberg Businessweek for two consecutive years. The award recognizes excellence and contributions of our company in providing outstanding Trust Services. The honor also recognizes Metis' commitment to partners and customers as an overall responsible, sustainable and ethical company - "Partner For Trust" to be your Reliable and Wise Choice of partner. We will always adhere to the highest standard as a trustee and provide the best protection to our clients with innovative technology.

Bloomberg Businessweek - Financial Institution Awards 2020 - Excellence Award of Trustee Service

The year 2019 has been an important milestone for Metis Global Limited (“Metis”), while we celebrated our 5th anniversary, we received the “Excellence Award of Trustee Service” granted by Bloomberg Businessweek. In 2020, our prudent, careful, and cautious planning to innovate to stay ahead of the game has led us into receiving the “Excellence Award of Trustee Service” once again.

Thrive in Tough Times

The year 2020 took everyone by surprise. The world is challenged by the global pneumonia epidemic as it has never been seen before and the widespread of Covid-19 has taken a heavy toll on the economy. Innovation and Technology development has always been an area that Metis values. It is during these difficult times, clients can truly value our trust services especially with the use of innovative technology, such as our online application system and well-developed B2B and B2C online services.
The pandemic has led many to understand the importance to plan ahead and save for a rainy day. Clients have shifted their focuses on accumulating assets to safeguarding and preserving assets and a trustworthy Trust Company is more important now than ever before. Metis believes that trust is not a financial planning tool exclusively for the wealthy, but should benefit the general public. With this belief, Metis has been striving to develop reachable and affordable offshore trusts for the public to protect their assets. The fast-growing number of clients is an indication that we are on the right path.

Creating Value with Our Heart

Metis Global Limited has set up its headquarter in Hong Kong and began its services in 2014and had since expanded its services covering Singapore and the Cook Islands. In 2019, Metis launched a new exclusive tax planning trust service in the Cook Islands that was well received. When talked about how Metis became where it is today in only 5 years’ time, the Founder and Chairman of Metis Global Group, Dr. German Cheung said: “Only by taking the initiative to seek for new changes, can we seize the opportunities in this ever-changing market. As a leader, both in the industry and in the corporate, you have to be constantly prepared to innovate to catch up with the market's pace. At Metis, safeguarding clients’ assets and benefits always comes first and this has led us into creating unique services that better serve our clients’ needs.”

Growing and Expanding

Stepping into 2020, Metis has no intention to slow down by all means. We have now extended our services to Singapore and aim to provide top-notch trust services to the emerging markets in Southeast Asia. Metis will continue to observe international developments and industry trends and develop appropriate trust services for our partners and clients.

Your Partner for Trust

Regardless of how the situation plays out, Metis will always adhere to the highest standard as a trustee and provide the best protection to our clients. We will continue to optimize our services and products to assist our clients in passing on their legacies. While advancing with the times, we will stay true to our values and have our clients’ best interests at heart.

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Bloomberg Businessweek - Financial Institution Awards 2019 - Excellence Award of Trustee Service

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