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Metis Global Limited

Metis Global Limited (“Metis HK”) was founded in Hong Kong and is a registered trust company regulated under the Hong Kong Trustee Ordinance. Metis HK is also a licensee under the Trust or Company Service Provider License which is a new licensing regime that came in force in 2018 (Licensee No. TC000561). The management team of Metis HK has over 20 years of financial-related experience and our regional business development teams have extensive local knowledges that understand our clients’ needs.

Here at Metis HK, we pride ourselves in upholding the highest standards of legal compliance and integrity and it is our mission to provide the most comprehensive trust services to Asia.

As a major international financial centre, Hong Kong has unique and excellent geographic advantages. With a multilingual culture, together with the British inherited comprehensive financial legislation, Hong Kong is ranked first in Asia by the Global Financial Centres Index (Source from The Global Financial Centres Index as of March 2017) and received the credit rating of AA+ by Standard & Poor’s. (Source from Standard & Poor’s as of September 2017)

Hong Kong’s transparent and robust regulatory regime for the financial industry has caught the attention of world-renowned financial institutions into making Hong Kong their regional quarters, which brings a wide range of financial products and services with a high degree of liquidity to local and international investors. 


In Greek mythology, Metis was the daughter of Gods Oceanus and Tethys and she was the first spouse of the King of Gods – Zeus. Metis represents wisdom and prudence and the Athenians view her as an notable goddess as she helped Zeus gained ultimate victory in the battle between Zeus and Cronus (Zeus’ father).

As our name implies, Metis aims to use our wisdom of the industry and skills we gained over the years to build hybrid financial plans that are simple, globalized, innovative, and effective so as to provide a satisfactory solution for our worldwide clients.

The Chinese name of Metis is 「安智 (An Zhi)」 which we aspire to convey its same meaning in English - to be your Reliable and Wise Choice of partner.

Vision | Philosophy


To become a long-term trustworthy partner by continuing to develop diversified trust plans that meet the needs of our partners and clients.


The foundation of our philosophy is to provide financial solutions that are straightforward and manageable. With an experienced management team, we strive to develop innovative trust plans and provide efficient and effective services to meet our international client’s needs. We have established robust internal risk controls in accordance with the highest industry standards to safeguard client’s assets. We assist our clients into achieving capital growth, asset protection, and asset transfer.

At Metis HK, we pride ourselves on our integrity and client centered approach and aim to build long-term client relationships based on mutual trust and respect.


Multi financial solutions for clients


Ethical management team


State-of-the-art IT platform providing client support


Innovative financial plans


Simple and comprehensive protection structure of clients’ assets

Metis HK Advantage


The core management team is comprised of experienced financial and legal experts who have worked for fund houses, investment managers, retail banks, private banks, and the insurance industry.


We focus on providing clients with simple and all-round trust solutions that meet the needs of all regions.


Policies of independent controls and internal risk management are in place to provide multiple layers of compliance control and protection. 


Metis HK partners with internationally renowned financial institutions that have outstanding track records and comprehensive asset strategies. As clients’ assets are handed over to the custodian bank for safekeeping, therefore choosing a top credit rating bank is vital in achieving maximum protection.


Clients have access to a comprehensive selection of assets depending on their preferences and risk tolerance level, which includes equities, bonds and alternative investments worldwide. Financial experts are also available for appointment with full discretionary power to manage the portfolios which enable clients to enjoy hassle free financial services


Plan details or account value are available on the online system on a 24/7 basis. Personal information and asset allocation can also be changed.


Beneficiaries can be appointed by completing the Letter of Wishes when the application was first submitted. If for any reason the Plan Owner wishes to assign the Plan to a 3rd party, the Plan Owner is only required to submit a simple form together with the information of the 3rd party and the assignment will be completed. 


Our investment advisory team provides tailor-made investment service for high-net-worth individuals and corporate clients.

Metis – Brand Story

Combining oriental culture with western wisdom, Metis’ trademarked logo was designed in detail to express its uniqueness.

The trademark is divided into two part and the upper part represents ocean sunrise. Water has its symbolic importance in the Chinese culture which signifies wealth. Metis acts as the solid foundation that supports our clients into achieving wealth and a bright future.
The Colour of Metis Logo
Sunrise Orange
At dawn or at dusk, Metis vows to protect clients’ asset and assist our clients in the route to accumulate family fortune.

The colour blue symbolizes loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust and these are all the qualities that Metis possess. We constantly spur ourselves to becoming the most trusted asset management partner for our clients with our transparency and high industry standards.
Growth and Rebranding
Metis has changed its trademark colour from sunrise orange to elegant gold and we look forward to working with you to a prosper future.

There is a story behind every step we took and each upgrade is to fulfill our promises to clients to provide the best trust services we could offer.

And now, as our core value - "Partner For Trust" indicates, we look forward to walking hand in hand with you to the brightest future.

Safety of Client Assets

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